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Are you are interested in possibly getting involved? We could sure use your help!

The biggest help we need is in raising awareness and money for the spay clinic specifically as well as for the Fiji SPCA in general.

  • Let your friends & family know what we are doing and encourage them to sponsor a spay for $20 or donate directly to the SPCA
  • “Like” us on Facebook

If you are interested in coming to Fiji to volunteer with the spay clinic, please email me (Marybeth) at info@spayfiji.org. We are actually doing two back-to-back clinics. If you are able to make it for both that would be wonderful! If you can only make it for one week that would be wonderful too!

Dates for the clinics are as follows:

  • Suva Tuesday April 17 to Saturday April 21st
  • Nadi Tuesday April 24 to Saturday April 28th

Volunteers are responsible for their own flight (starting at $1,200 from LAX to Nadi), accommodation and food. I am currently contacting Air Pacific to see about getting discounts on the flights plus the SPCA in Fiji is going to contact local hotels regarding discounted room rates.

In terms of travel info …


Visanot required ahead of time. A tourist visa will be issued upon arrival.

Flying in from the West Coast - Air Pacific flights are all overnight and leave out of LAX on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays. The nice thing is that you fly all night and then arrive in Nadi the next morning, a day later (because you cross the international date line) but at least on the same time schedule! Its about a 10 hour flight LAX to Nadi. Air Pacific has offered volunteers a 10% discount. Please email me for more info.

ArrivingYou arrive in Nadi but the first leg of our clinic is in Suva (on the other side of the island or about a 3 1/2 hour drive) so we will have to arrange transportation. I am hoping we can coordinate everyone’s flights in so we only have to make one trip for those people not renting a car.

Car rentalsIf you have some extra time to spend in Fiji either before or after the clinic, I would highly recommend you rent a car and explore the island. There is so much to see! There are two car rental places at the Nadi airport. Rates were similar to those in North America. Driving is on the other side of the road though (assuming you are in Canada or the US). We will have a van and hopefully will also have some time for sight-seeing during our two day break.

AccommodationThe SPCA is planning on approaching local hotels regarding discounted room rates.

WeatherHot and humid, and we will be there at the tail end of the rainy season.

What to bringSun screen and bug juice. If you are inspired, small items (ie Canadian flag pins) as gifts to the local Fijians.

Surgery items to bring – Other materials include suture material, surgical gloves and disposable drapes.

MoneyDo get cash exchanged to Fijian dollars prior to coming. We used the currency exchange booth at the airport but make sure to do it early in the day as I believe the booths close in the evening.

ElectricalYou do need an electrical converter plug if you are planning on bringing any electrical devices.

Food & waterWe will organize a shopping trip so that everyone has a chance to pick up food and water from a local grocery store. Munchies like nuts, trail mixes, etc. are easy to come by. The water is dubious in Fiji so bottled water (or boiling water) is a must. Reminder you’ll need local currency for this kind of thing.

RestaurantsThere are lots of restaurants in Suva (about 20 minutes away from the first clinic). Indian food is very popular. Yes, there is a McDonalds. But sadly, no Starbucks!

Additional info - You may also want to visit travel advisory sites for Fiji ie Canada’s or the United States.

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